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Burro - Donkey

BURRO La sabiduría del burro incluye:

• Obstinación
• Habilidad tomar decisiones
• Negarse a moverse cuando sabes que no está bien
• Decir "no" a otros
• Ignorar las opiniones ajenas


* * *


El burro, desde tiempos antiguos, ha sido un animal que ha inspirado diversos cuentos y fábulas y, además, se le ha asociado con un ser muy poco inteligente, de difícil entendimiento. Es un animal cuadrúpedo, un mamífero muy similar al caballo, pero en el mercado se vende a un menor precio porque no se utiliza para competencias.

Sin embargo, este animal doméstico es uno de los que más ayuda a los seres humanos en sus labores cotidianas, por su increíble fuerza. Es un animal relativamente dócil que, sin embargo, al advertir el peligro se comporta con una gran valentía y no retrocede. En países como la India, la leche de burro se consume y se le adjudican propiedades que favorecen el sistema inmunológico.

Este animal es muy servicial y carga grandes cantidades de objetos de construcción y se le ha tomado como reemplazo de algunos vehículos. El burro es una especie hervíbora, se alimenta de hierba y se encuentra en diferentes condiciones climáticas, desde el frío de la sabana hasta el calor de la zona costera. Se dice que sus antepasados fueron originarios de Africa, que eran salvajes y que posteriormente fueron domesticados para hacer parte de las granjas.

Un burro tiene un promedio de vida mayor al de los caballos. Puede llegar a alcanzar, en condiciones apropiadas, unos 40 años. Sin embargo, la mayoría muere mucho antes debido a los abusos a los que se ven sometidos en varias partes del mundo donde, se les excede la carga y si se rehúsan a trabajar por el cansancio, son sometidos a fuertes palizas.

Particularmente no se conocen leyes fuertes que protejan a estos animales contra el maltrato, las legislaciones de la mayoría de países ya se han acostumbrado a verlos por las calles en reemplazo de los camiones. Su arma de defensa es protegerse a través de coces, que propinan con una fuerza increíble, acompañadas de unos rebusnos muy altos.

Los burros fueron trasladados a America por Cristóbal Colón, de quien se dice que llevaba dos ejemplares de ellos en sus carabelas, para que se reprodujeran. Su carne se consume en algunos países de Europa y Asia, particularmente en China, donde se aprecia mucho como un plato típico. El burro es, en conclusión, un animal muy tierno y juguetón, amistoso con los humanos e identificado con la terquedad porque es difícil obligarlo a hacer cosas que vayan en contra de su espíritu de supervivencia.

* * *


Strong dedication to spirit.
Able to get out of dangerous situations.


* * *

Donkey - A symbol of stubbornness.

When a donkey appears in a dream or meditation, it is telling you to ignore the opinons of others. As a totem or power animal, the donkey teaches how to make good decisions, as well as how and when to say "no" to others.

* * *

Spirit Animal - Ass or Donkey

How many times have you referred to some obnoxious person as an "ass"? Why do we do that? Do we do it out of habit or because we truly know what an Ass is? Yes, Ass is known for its stubborn characteristic, and, if she doesn't like you, she will bite or kick you because she is not shy! Ass or Donkey is truly not obnoxious.

How did Ass get it's name? Legend says that this smaller type of horse animal was always at the end of everything - going to the watering hole, at the end of a stampede, and therefore, at the "ass end of everything". More commonly, however, the Ass is called "Donkey".

Donkey is unique in that it is an independent thinker unlike other herd animals. She will not go where she believes there is danger, nor will she suffer a human that she thinks is not to bright or a human who is cruel. However, where Donkey sees gentleness, she will adapt and become patient and kind. She will act as a guardian for small children, for sheep and goats, or for cattle. Her courage is unmatched for her size.

Donkey's life path was to come to Earth to be a guide for people and for animals. If she is coming into your life, then pay attention! This animal is one that represents "service to others". Donkey guides you to help others and that in turn, this will help you. There is a sense of reflected Karma about Donkey. She can be very loving, and expects that treatment in return. Treat her unkindly, and she will walk away from you! The message then is that if people are asking you to do things outside of your truth and integrity, then walk away. You do not need to be unkind in return, simply leave.

In Donkey's role as guardian, she may walk with you in your journeys or in your dreams. Ask her to help you with what ever task you are attempting. Ask her advice on relationships. Donkey is most adept at reading people. And, listen to Donkey if she tells you to take care of yourself. Perhaps you are overtiring yourself or treading in dangerous places. Trust her! Remember that Donkey was the animal that the Angels entrusted with carrying Mother Mary when she walked the Earth.


* * *

A Forgotten Animal Spirit Guide

It is said that an Animal Spirit Guide chooses us for our personal growth and in our magickal workings.
Each has its own energy and will come to us in ways that are unexpected when we need the teaching it has to offer. We simply have to be open to receive by learning more about the Animal Nation on the Earth.
Psychologists believe that a vision or message from an Animal Spirit Guide speaks to the subconscious parts of our human psyche that seek healing. You do not have to be in their physical presence to benefit from the powerful lessons they have to share.
Recently, my partner Marisa & I took a short drive out to a local Sanctuary & Rescue center outside of town. This is a lot of acreage in an open space with natural grazing for Donkeys that are usually not adoptable. They are given medical evaluations, various treatments, vaccinations, de-worming, proper hoof grooming, regular feeding and allowed to live out their lives in safety.

I made my own list of several qualities Donkey has that makes her a perfect candidate as a Spirit
Guide: Donkey…
-Provides a peaceful, calming presence: Teaches us perseverance
-Thinks for herself rather than following community opinions: Teaches us to honor
personal knowing
-Will not be forced into any action without conscious choice: While not fond of change,
teaches us to respect our intuitive senses
-Needs to have good dietary management or suffers eating disorders: Teaches us to
honor our biological systems
-Is a good partner for the vulnerable or high-strung: Teaches us appropriate
willingness to take on responsibilities for others
-Demonstrates greater self-awareness of surroundings resulting from a history of
abuse from those responsible for her care: Teaches strong sense of self-preservation.


* * *

Donkey, Power Animal, Symbol of Intelligence, Dedication
By Ina Woolcott

Donkey is symbolic of versatility, intelligence, eager worker, determination, stubbornness, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force, willingness to take onboard the responsibilities and burdens of others (beast of burden).

Donkey’s have long been misrepresented and misunderstood by the ignorant masses. First domesticated roughly 4,500 years ago, they were regarded to be a status symbol for their owners. Versatile, eager workers with a kind nature and gentle intelligence donkeys can live for 40 years plus.

Donkeys colours range from white, grey to brown. In general they have white muzzles, rings around their eyes and light bellies. Some donkeys have markings on their back that look like a cross. Some have leg stripes. Various tales tell of how the donkey came to get the cross on their back. Some cultures believe the Lord rode the donkey and got the stripes on their legs from walking through the palm branches that were laid in their path as a mark of respect for the responsibility of whom they was carrying. Some tales imply the donkey was sent by God and the Prophet was carried to the heavens on its back.

The donkey is an indefatigable worker and personifies the qualities of determination and service to others. They have a deep dedication to the universe/All That Is. Donkeys are willing to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others. If this is your power animal, although helping others is wonderful, taking on more than one can carry with ease can pave the way for physical and emotional problems. Mastering the art of saying no, and being accountable for yourself and your own well being is a life lesson.

Not keen on change, donkeys can come across as stubborn. If anything seems dangerous to them - they absolutely won't do it. However, this isn’t because they are stubborn, but because they trust, respect and listen to their own intuitive senses. They know their boundaries, what they can and cant do. This shows us how to trust, respect and listen to our own personal intuition also.

The donkey evolved in the desert, the irregular, testing land in where they resided learned them how to go about with caution. The frightened donkey would stop dead in its tracks without moving a muscle or run a short distance, before looking at what frightened them. They developed devious and cunning survival skills by getting themselves out of many sticky situations. If donkey plods into your life, hold on and consider what is challenging you and look for a way to progress safely. This is an outstanding power animal to have and a skilful master teacher.

Donkey have big, funnel like ears that can pick up sound a long way off. They know the messages held within each sound, showing us how to listen and awaken our clairvoyant abilities. You are being asked to awaken, develop or utilise your own latent, inherent abilities in one or more aspects of your life.


* * *

Power Animal for December: Donkey, by ‘Backyard Shaman’ Amy Katz, M.A.

Donkey may seem unglamorous at first, but she is no less a shining star who guides men through the darkness. She is the ultimate symbol of true leadership: always at the front carrying the heavy burden for others, but also intelligent and gentle.

For centuries, she has been the symbol of the working class. Some breeds have a cross-like mark on their backs, and her self-less service to others is indeed christ-like: civilizations have been built and fed on her labor. Yet, many donkeys are also wild and have a strong sense of self-preservation. They are keen to sense danger, and will not give in to orders that threaten them or those in their charge. This is why leaders are wise to adopt Donkey as their power animal. This quality sometimes earns them the label “stubborn”, but it is necessary to stick to our instincts, even if that makes us less popular. When this quality of “digging ones’ hooves in” is shared in equal measure with active listening–something Donkey can do with its’ long ears–open mindedness and wisdom are steadfast.

The nativity story has it that when Mary was ready to give birth to baby Jesus, a donkey carried her to safety in the stable. We all need our own stables, our own inner stability, if we are going to give birth to the Holy. The ancient Jews, enslaved in Eqypt and treated like beasts of burden themselves, were aided by the strength of donkeys. This holiday season, invite Donkey into the barn of your imagination, and make her an offering. Because of Donkey’s labor, a star was born; Because of Donkey’s instinct, a billion lights will shine on Christmas trees and Menorah’s across the world in December.


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