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Gallo - Rooster

Rooster: Sexuality, Watchfulness, Resurrection

The Rooster is a solar symbol and
represents sexuality.

Those with a Rooster as a Totem
may have had past lives as early Christians
or ancient Greeks.

A Rooster totem brings enthusiasm and humor and a sense of optimism.

The Rooster is a totem of great power and mystery
with ties to the ancient past and clues to your own hidden powers.
It is the enemy of evil spirits and can bound them with the light of day.


* * * *

Rooster is a Guardian, watcher and protector of the family. He is keenly aware of the surroundings within the physical and spiritual realms. He stimulates insights and forthrightness and confidence. Rooster has enthusiasm with optimism and will teach you the same. It´s time to open to the great mystery of the pasts to find your hidden self. Rooster will enlighten your path to take notice of your hidden powers.

Time to welcome the sun with your voice and communication abilities with poise, confidence and assuredness. Rooster will show the power of persuasion and influence to accomplish endeavors. Rooster will aid in the process of presentation whether it be physical meetings or spiritual ones, communicating your heart´s intents and desires will be Rooster´s lesson.


* * * *

Maybe you have accomplished something and you want others to take note and that´s why you are ´crowing´. Or, perhaps you are strutting around showing off your new flashy outfit. You are a cocky, confident, hardworking person and always the optimist. Your direct approach to life is refreshing in a world where manipulation is the name of the game. Even though your antics can be annoying, your friend have great affection for you. For your co-workers who drag themselves into the office every day, morning would not be the same without your energetic and cheerful greeting. You also have a more serious side, which you rarely show in public - your love of things of te spirit and your devotion to your chosen religion. You are always vigilant for the presence of negativity or sin in yourself and others.

-Create a shield of physic protection to warn of danger
-Physically protect your spouse and family

-Reading a book on how to have great sex
-Having supreme confidence in yourself

The rooster crows heralding a new dawn. Most of its crowing takes place in the early morning because that is when it is most vocal about protecting its territory. Are you protecting your boundaries from those who would violate them?

FUENTE: Madonna Gauding © Octopus Publishing Group 2006 ISBN-13: 978-1-84181-292-2

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